3 beautiful bicycle routes through the Canary Islands.

rutas en bicicleta por las Islas canarias

The Canary Islands are a true paradise for cycling enthusiasts. With its breathtaking scenery and year-round warm and sunny climate, it is the perfect place to explore by bike. There are many cycling routes available on the islands, from easy to challenging, for cyclists of all levels to enjoy.

Let’s start with the jewel in the crown: The Teide Climb.

There are several ways to reach the top of the Teide cable car by bike. We advance you that if you are looking for any of the bike routes to climb the volcano is easy, go to the following route.

Undoubtedly, the route of which we received the most positive feedback ascends the volcano on the south side. Starting on the south side of Vilaflor we will soon start to feel the legs as we cross the hard climbs up to “La Escalona”. We will continue riding through landscapes painted by wine canteens and crops of “Papas Canarias” until we enter the Natural Park of Teide. From there we see the famous “Pino Gordo”, the oldest of the island (50 years old) and we will only have to ride 20 km more to enjoy the strategic panoramic point of Boca Tauce.

cycling routes in the canary islands
Alberto Carrión riding around the Canary Islands

This is an ideal route for road bikes and gravel bikes.

The second of the bicycle routes is for MTB.

The goal of this route is the incredible Berriel Reservoir (Bahia Feliz). However, the road that we will pass through during the course of this route is almost as beautiful as the reservoir itself.

It is a circular route of easy technical difficulty of about 28 km in length that runs along a dirt road almost entirely and leaves you marked in the retina iconic places like the Castillo del Romeral and the Berriel Reservoir itself.

cycling routes in the canary islands

This is an ideal route for mountain bikes.

Chela Clo Gravel Gran Canaria: One of the TOTAL bike routes

This track, of course, is a challenge for any cyclist. No more and no less than 388 km full of positive slope and dirt roads. However, it also gives way to flat asphalt roads full of dreamy landscapes.

The last of the cycling routes in the Canary Islands that we recommend is the longest, yes, but the one we liked the most by far of all the ones we have done. One of the positive points is that you can distribute the kilometers in the days you want. We did it 4 days. 4 days of changes of scenery, of hard climbs and an accumulation of sensations that already made us sense that it was going to be one of the best bike routes we have ever done.

Graveling in the Canary Islands
Touring Gran Canaria with the gravel bike

For this particular route, it is very important to have a good puncture protector, since the roads we are going to ride on are going to be dry and with some rocks ready to kill our fun. If you ride with a tubeless system on your gravel bike, the Tannus Armour Tubeless is your best ally. On the other hand, if you are an inner tube rider, we recommend incorporating the Tannus Armour between your tire and inner tube.

This is an ideal route for gravel bikes

Maximum protection for your routes in the Canary Islands

Tannus Tires

If you’ve decided to go for one of the asphalt bike routes, we have good news. You’ll never have to repair a puncture again. Tannus Tires are 100% puncture-proof solid tires that have a weight very similar to the traditional tire + inner tube combo. One of the highlights is their excellent grip on all types of terrain (even wet), an essential feature for our safety.

Tannus Armour

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to go off-road, we’ve got protection for you too. The Tannus Armour is a semi-mousse Anti-Puncture & Puncture Protection for MTB (for inner tubes) that increases up to 90% the anti-puncture protection on a mountain bike. This protection allows you to ride at lower pressures, significantly increasing grip on off-road terrain and therefore safety on the bike. If you are tubeless, don’t worry, you will also be protected with Tannus.


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