Maty Amaya The adventure with Tannus continues!

We summarize his time in Barcelona and his new destination with Tannus


After stopping briefly her trips, Maty came back home to reunite with his friends and Family in San Juan (Argentina). There was a lot to talk about and it is that this bike traveler in Barcelona has earned the nickname of Angel. We leave a entry dedicated to her big achievements. Here


Last 26 of July, the Sanjuanino cycloviajero resumed his new adventure, crossing by boat the UK, once he arrived, to the bicycle trip where he feels more comfortable (Maty as many others felt sick on the boat).

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Al fin llegamos, Lego de casi 20hs en el barco, puedo decir que amo la vida de biciviajero, la he pasado muy mal a bordo. Pero feliz de llegar a Inglaterra mi pais N*41 alegria alegría At last we arrived, Lego of almost 20 hours on the boat, I can say that I love life as a bicyclist, I had a very bad time on board. But happy to get to England my country N * 41 joy joy Наконец мы прибыли, Лего почти 20 часов на лодке, я могу сказать, что я люблю жизнь как велосипедист, у меня было очень плохое время на борту. Но с удовольствием попадаю в Англию моей страны N * 41 радость радость Finalmente chegamos, Lego de quase 20 horas no barco, posso dizer que amo a vida de ciclista, passei muito mal a bordo. Mas feliz de chegar à Inglaterra meu país N * 41 alegria alegria Enfin nous sommes arrivés, Lego de près de 20 heures sur le bateau, je peux dire que j’aime la vie en tant que cycliste, j’ai passé un très mauvais moment à bord. Mais heureux d’arriver en Angleterre mon pays N * 41 joie joie joie

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Little by little he had to strike-through each country passing through Wales, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France until finally reaching Spain.


October 11 was the scheduled date, Maty arrived in Barcelona, ​​it was time to catch up and equip him with new Tannus material.

After a little accident that you can watch on our IGTV and Youtube, channel, we changed our front tire with a new one, we changed the Tannus and added a small trailer. To travel this many kilometers with the “house” it is necessary strenght and also a lot of skills. Maty used the Razorblade model and indicated each country that he passed by as you can see on the following post. We will safe him a special place.

Once the bicycle was equipped, we equipped Maty with our cycling jersey Tannus x Gobik and T.shirt Tannus Armour, which it uses on the rear wheel.


After spending a fantastic day with Maty, we planned an interview for the Outdoors radio show, hosted and directed by Tannus Rider,Meche Barragán on Radio Kanal Barcelona (106.9fm). If you missed the episode, you can listen to it now on Podcast.


Maty will be in Barcelona until October 22, then heading south along the Spanish coast towards… We let you discover it yourself!


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