Tannus Armour, awarded at the 2020 Taipei Cycle Show d & i awards

The winners were announced digitally after the event was called off due to Covid-19

The Taipei International Cycle Show is one of the most important exhibitions in the bicycle industry, it has a great infrastructure and the presence of cycling brands from all over the world.

TAITRA (the organization of the event) prioritizing people’s health, has made the decision to cancel the event this year due to Covid-19.

From Tannus we want to send all our support and strength to the organizers and colleagues in the affected sector, health comes first, we will come back stronger.

The TAIPEI CYCLE d & i awards, seal of quality

The TAIPEI CYCLE d & i awards were born 7 years ago to create an official quality seal as a criterion to measure design and the achievement of innovation. Since then, TAITRA and TBA present the awards, while the competition is implemented by iF Design.

This has become one of the most respected design competitions for the international cycling industry. Over the past seven years, they have received numerous entries from up to 30 different nations around the world.

In this year’s contest, about 150 applications from 12 different countries have been registered and the highlight of this edition is that for the first time, more electric bikes participated than conventional bikes.

This year, all the award-winning products were presented digitally in the virtual reality pavilion “TAIPEI CYCLE d & i awards exhibition”.

Tannus Armour, the off-road puncture protection, awarded in the category of bicycle accessories.

Out of all the applications, only 14 products categorized as bicycle accessories have been chosen as winners, including Tannus Armour.

Tannus Armour was launched in 2019 and we are very happy with the result it is giving. It is a unique product that meets the needs of many off-road cyclists who want to avoid a puncture but also want to continue using an inner tube. The mousse/airliners alternatives that existed and still exist so far are for use without a tube, that is, for Tubeless systems.

The Tannus Armour design makes puncture protection almost as effective as that of Tannus 100% puncture proof airless tires.

One of the main benefits of the Tanus Armour is that it allows you to go at very low pressures safely and comfortably, thus obtaining greater grip in all conditions.

The compound that incorporates Tannus Armour is a nano-foam polymer, our proprietary Aither technology.

It is ultralight, resistant and wraps around the inner tube, providing complete protection around 360º.

Not only does it prevent punctures in the tread, but it is also a great protection against the rim and side cuts. Also in the extreme case of a puncture it allows you to continue pedaling.

We don’t stop pedaling and we don’t stop innovating

At the end of 2019 we were able to announce the Plus versions of Tannus Armour, the most demanded by the e-MTB public.

  • Tannus Armour for 27,5”x2.6 to 3.0 tire size (Buy now)

  • Tannus Armour for 29”x2.6 to 3.0 Plus tire size (Buy now)

Our size catalog continues to grow and having a Tannus Armour option for each type of user is our mission.

2020 will be a year full of Tannus news, we hope to be able to show the public very soon what we are working on and putting our knowledge on.

“We want the cycling experience to be the best and we will do our best.”

The Tannus Team

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