Tannus launches the second generation of the 100% anti-puncture tires in the new version Aither 1.1

We reveal all the benefits of Aither 1.1 compound in your 100% anti-puncture Tannus Tires.

We were looking forward to it, and now it’s here. Aither 1.1 has arrived on your 100% anti-puncture tires. An improvement on the technology of Aither 1.0, the result of a decade of refinement of this compound, so that you can enjoy all the benefits and comfort that this material improvement will provide.

Today in this post, we explain the advantages of Aither 1.1 and the differences with its predecessor, Aither 1.0.


They are formed by a special Closed Polymer Resins Micro Cells called Aither, through foam formation technology. At first glance, the material may seem similar to the soles of some sneakers, but is totally different from any existing technology from the point of view of the process used as the affectations. The Aither compound is made in a totally unique process and is made of a single material.

What are its advantages?

  • It is extremely lightweight and the production of tires with this material make it weigh approximately the same as traditional tires. (The Tannus Slick 700×23 puncturec proof tire weighs only 380 g.)
  • It presents an improvement in speed and comfort
  • Unlike any other technology on the market or other anti-puncture system. It is the next generation of bicycle tires.
  • Durable against any chemical aggression from the outside, which means that the product will never be hydrolyzed, aged, degraded, or show any color of wear.
  • Its average lifespan is 6000 km

Differences with Aither 1.0?

  • Improved elasticity, which translates into better driving feel and better grip
  • 15% lower rolling resistance. Now you have the rolling resistance rate that fits premium bicycle tires
  • New tread and size balance drawings
  • It can withstand both daily trips and the most demanding training. It is a great support for cyclists all over the world to end the biggest of their worries: the puncture!

This is more than an evolution, it is a REVOLUTION. With Tannus Tires there is no more carrying tools, spare tubes and air pump – no more punctures!

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