Tannus Tires: Puncture Proof & ECO Friendly

¡Tannus Tires: Puncture Proof & ECO Friendly!

Tannus the puncture proof Airless Tires, minimizes the impact on the environment significantly


Airless Tannus Tires have been a great innovation for the cycling world, not only if we talk about the effectiveness against the puncture but also because of the long durability of its use and the reduction of waste that it entails.

“Using 1 Tannus tire is the equivalent of using 3 traditional tires and 8 air tubes.”


We understand the ECO Friendly concept as the set of actions in the development of the product or the product itself which is designed to have less or no harmful effect on the environment. The aspects that make Tannus ECO Friendly can be summarized in three main points.

  • Saving waste from the abandoned tires & air tubes.

Annually 10 million tons of traditional tires and tubes are discarded every year, which would be equivalent to filling the Empire State Building 8 times.

With Tannus this does not happen.With the anti-puncture Tannus Tires, this reduction of waste is achieved thanks to:

– They have a longer life cycle than traditional tires, which reduces the use of the Earth’s resources used for production.

– The main reason of changing a traditional tire is not because its wear out. Normal tires can be damaged by many things so the average life cycle of normal tire is much shorter than its potential life time of wear out. Users don’t like using a damaged tire and they change the tire long before the end of their life cycle.

A hole for a traditional tire does not affect Tannus tires in the same way. Many users have sent us infinity of photos with nails, crystals, buttons without any consequence.


Tannus_rider_antipinchazo_1  Tannus_rider_antipinchazo_1

In addition to avoiding the puncture and not ruining your day, this prevents a major accident. If a puncture occurs at high speeds it can have serious consequences.

– The number of changing the tubes for normal tires are enormous and much more often than tires.

– By using Tannus we reduce 80% the generation of waste that would be produced using a traditional system. This is due to a longer life cycle, the elimination of tube changes and reduction of damaged tires.

“Tannus is opposed to the fashion of planned obsolescence that many brands of mass consumption are embracing. “

  • More efficient process and less harmful materials.

As we have mentioned before, the actions that lead to the production of the product are just as important as those of the product itself. It is because of that:

– In the production process of Tannus tires, more energy is saved than in the traditional tire process.

Due to the simple structure of Tannus, fewer components are needed than normal tires.

As for example: Textile, threads, metals are not needed, nor is the production of valves, rims, rim tapes, sealants … All this makes the production process of a Tannus tire itself shorter and above all more efficient than that of a traditional tire.

– Conventional tire material includes a large amount of black carbon, inorganic fillers, heavy metal ingredients, sulfur, phosphorus and others. When a traditional tire burns, it emits a large amount of toxic gases and leaves a large amount of harmful ashes.

On the contrary, the Tannus tire does not use most of the materials harmful to the environment or in some cases, it uses a much smaller amount than normal tires.

– The materials used are within the regulation of the footwear industry, mainly driven by NIKE, this high standard is due to the fact that in footwear, the material comes into contact with the human body. Unlike the regulation of traditional wheels that do not take this type of effects into account.

We can confirm that the material used is less harmful to health and the environment, and that it contains a much smaller amount of harmful materials

  • 100% Recyclable

The process of recycling Tannus Tires and the second life of the material:

– Once collected the used Tannus from the market, the Pins are separated from the tires and can be used as raw material for the manufacture of engineering plastic components. Since it is pure engineering plastic.

The Tannus tire goes through a process of cleaning impurities and is crushed into small pieces, this can be used as part of the raw material of the foam industry, to make soles of shoes, sandals, foam sheets or even for low quality foam tires for toy bikes.

The Tannus material can also be used as a safety material to dampen falls on the pavement. This type of pavement can be found in all parts of the world, largely implemented in recreational parks.


Tannus is already working to verify the possibility of using tires with factory defects for this use and thus make many children happier, in fact the defective material has already passed an exam for its use, so it will begin to supply sooner or later.

There are many ways to recycle Tannus and it can be done better as the volume increases.

To end this post we do not want to say goodbye without highlighting the role of Youngki Lee (founder of Tannus) who from the beginning has had this sustainable, efficient vision and carried out with the necessary and appropriate guidelines.

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