A family passionate about sports and technology

We are a young team with a lot of enthusiasm to contribute new technologies to bicycle sports.

Sergi Belmonte
CEO / Founder

Arnau Isern

Lydia Jardí

Manuel Wink

Victor Silvestre
Web Manager

Samuel Basallote
Marketing & Communication

Jordi Laboira
Finance & Logistics

Eloi Drechsel
Design & Content Creation

Online Key ACCOUNT

Research and Development at its highest expression.

After 10 years invested in R&D (which, of course, continues), Aither was born, the compound of Tannus, which has become the heart of all Tannus engineering (Tannus Tires and Tannus Armour).

Since its inception, there has been an effort to create a material and a product that goes directly against the trend embraced by many companies to manufacture products with planned obsolescence. At Tannus, we advocate for providing high added value to our customers with high-quality and long-lasting products.

In 2003, Fine Chemical, leaders in the development of soles for athletic footwear for major global brands (Nike, Reebok, NB, Saucony), decided, in the words of its founder and cycling enthusiast: "If we are world leaders in human footwear, let's put all our knowledge into becoming leaders in the 'footwear' of the bicycle, that is, its tires."