Access to the websites of AKROVALIS, S.L.,, and through various digital channels or social networks allowing access to our company's departments and activities, is free of use. It should not be inferred that improper use can be made, but rather within the legal framework established for such purposes. Exceptions include some areas, such as purchasing or contracting, where clients and interested users are required to provide certain personal data. This may be for subsequent contact via phone or email to inform them of the requested services or for direct access to our website through the registration process enabled for purchases or services.

Access to the websites of AKROVALIS, S.L., and through its brand, hereinafter referred to as the Website, is freely accessible, and the transmitted data is for the exclusive use of our company. We will NOT sell, transfer, or disclose them to third parties, except when required by law or a court order.

Through the website, only basic data will be requested, using other channels for the sending-receiving of documents, unless expressly authorized by the user.

We do not have direct access to your data, nor do our systems allow us to know them unless you have expressly communicated them, such as name, phone, address, or email, etc. However, we use cookies to facilitate navigation and for statistical purposes. Our company is committed, as it could not be otherwise, to respect and comply at all times with current legislation and the adaptation that may be necessary at any given time, respecting the principles of transparency as set out in the GDPR. See Cookie Policy.

AKROVALIS SL. reserves the right to adapt and update this privacy policy in accordance with current regulations and updates or changes that the legislator may make.

The user is responsible for and guarantees that the data provided on our pages, such as their personal information, is accurate and belongs to them as a natural or legal person. Any inaccuracy or falsity of such data is the sole responsibility of the user.


We do not share the personal data of our customers and users with third parties. However, we share your access to navigation through various areas of our website with our technology service providers. This is done to analyze what interests you the most and assess the difficulty or ease of navigation.

At some point in our business relationship, and depending on the purpose of the contracted service, various reputable companies may be involved, although the main services are carried out by:

GOOGLE, INC. DELAWARE, Mountain View (California), which complies with European standards. You can view the Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and the US at:

Shipping: we work with GLS and CORREOS. We always seek the most efficient company to carry out shipments to the destination city.


We inform you that the data voluntarily provided by the user on our website is for the exclusive use of our company. They are not sold, transferred, or disclosed to third parties and are treated with total confidentiality.


We inform you that banking and credit card data, when making a payment through our website, are not stored in our databases. Instead, they are transferred directly to the banking institution through the payment gateway, with no card data remaining in our files. It is a transaction between the user and the bank, and the bank informs us that you have made the payment without disclosing your banking details.


La persona usuaria podrá en cualquier momento ejercitar el derecho de acceso, rectificación, cancelación, oposición, limitación y portabilidad de sus datos personales en los términos establecidos en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos (LOPD), en concordancia con la reciente adaptación del reglamento europeo RGPD.

La limitation ou la suppression des données personnelles peut être effectuée s'il n'y a pas d'obligations légales imposant une période de conservation spécifique, par exemple, dans le cas des factures, qui doivent être conservées pendant la période légale établie par l'Agence fiscale à tout moment.

To exercise their rights, the user will indicate their intention to the data controller at AKROVALIS SL., in writing, preferably via email, although it can also be done by regular mail with unequivocal identification of the person, stating that they wish to exercise their rights and including a scanned copy or photocopy of their valid ID or NIE. This can be done at the following email addresses: data controller: [email protected] or the data processor, and Data Protection Officer [email protected]

If you believe that your data has not been treated properly, you can file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


Data Controller: AKROVALIS SL, CIF: B-66189739, with registered office at Calle Ramon Casas, 3, Badalona (08911) Barcelona.

Data Processor and Data Protection Officer: Lydia Jardí. Av. Carrilet, 3, edificio D, 2º. Ciudad de la Justicia de Barcelona y L’ Hospitalet -08902- L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

Email of the Data Controller: [email protected]
E-mail encargada y DPD: [email protected]

Purpose of Processing: AKROVALIS, SL is the owner of the website and the domain It uses the information provided and the data transmitted for the commercial relationship of buying and selling the products offered on the website and for managing user inquiries and relevant information to enhance their user experience. Your data is not sold or transferred to third parties and is for the exclusive use of AKROVALIS SL.

We may collect your name and email address to send you our promotional emails. This information could be used to contact you about sales, special offers, and new releases. You can object at any time and without providing any reason for such use (for example, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in our marketing emails).

Legal Basis for Processing: We do not have access to your data unless you provide consent by willingly sharing it with us. Your data will be stored in our database to carry out the sale, inform you about your order, and provide information about products that may be of interest to you.

The data you provide for the payment of the purchase of our products is automatically redirected to a payment gateway for exclusive communication between you and the banking entity. Therefore, we do not process or store your data.

Recipient of Your Data: Your data is for the exclusive use of AKROVALIS SL. We do not transfer or sell any data of our customers, potential customers, users, or visitors of our website.

To ensure your order reaches the address you provided, we use our own transportation, courier services, and national and international transport services with reputable first-line companies. We have signed a confidentiality agreement with these companies, ensuring the non-transmission, sale, or transfer of our customers' data.


Duration of your personal data in our systems

The data of the user of our website will be retained for the duration of the relationship, information exchange, and commercial relationship of buying and selling. The retention period may vary depending on the type of relationship.

For customers, due to tax obligations, even if you exercise the right to delete your data, they must remain in our systems for the time prescribed by law for tax reasons. After this period, they will be destroyed.

For users of the website who request information and provide their data without making a purchase, their data will remain in our databases. Upon the user's request, the data will be immediately deleted, if possible, and within a maximum period of 30 days from the request.

Source of the data

The data of individuals with whom AKIROVALIS SL maintains or may maintain a business relationship is always obtained through the client or user of our website. This data can be acquired when making a purchase on our website, requesting information, or during fairs and congresses. All information is provided voluntarily, accompanied by the relevant legal notices before filling out the forms. Additionally, users can provide information via postal mail, email, or instant messaging.

Category of the data

The data requested to provide our information and purchasing services are basic and do not require Medium or High security. Data that may require such security, such as payments by credit card, is processed through the bank's payment gateway. During this process, the website temporarily disconnects and connects directly, initiating the financial transaction between the bank and the buyer, without intervention from AKROVALIS SL. After the completion of the transaction, it automatically reconnects to our website.

Third-party databases

AKROVALIS SL does not use data from third-party databases, whether obtained through purchase or assignment, as they are voluntarily provided by the individuals concerned. If such a situation were to arise in the future, in accordance with the GDPR, the individuals concerned will be informed of the acquisition of their data within a reasonable period or, in the first communication with the individual, without the need for prior request.


We care about and cherish our security systems and the detection of potential dangers, as your security is ours. If there were a failure in our systems that jeopardized the data of our clients, whether for our own reasons or third parties, we would immediately notify you with the necessary information to inform you of what happened and the time required to restore secure communications if it has not been resolved yet. If it has been resolved, we will still inform you to change your registration passwords.

In the event of a security breach in our systems, in addition to informing you, we will also proceed to notify the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) at Calle Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 MADRID, Tel. 901 100 099, in compliance with current regulations.