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Tannus | Puncture-Proof Bicycle Tires

Discover the puncture-proof wheels for Road, Gravel, and MTB bikes.

Discover the puncture-proof wheels for Road, Gravel, and MTB bikes.

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Solid wheels for riding without an inner tube.

Ideal for urban or road use.

Favicon Tannus Tires  100% puncture-proof

Favicon Tannus Tires  No maintenance

Favicon Tannus Tires  Ultralight

Favicon Tannus Tires  6.000 Km guaranteed

Favicon Tannus Tires  Maximum reliability

Puncture-proof foam for inner tubes.

Ideal for MTB and Gravel.

Favicon Tannus Armour  Punture protection

Favicon Tannus Armour  Increased grip

Favicon Tannus Armour  Increased comfort

Favicon Tannus Armour  Ride Flat Technology

Favicon Tannus Armour  Easy instalation

Tubeless foam for MTB.

Used by professional riders.

Favicon Tannus Armour Tubeless  Unique design

Favicon Tannus Armour Tubeless  Increased dampening

Favicon Tannus Armour Tubeless  Do not absorb liquid

Favicon Tannus Armour Tubeless  Ride Flat Technology

Favicon Tannus Armour Tubeless  Easy instalation

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