Tannus tires

100% Puncture-proof solid tires for road, city or trekking bikes.

100% Puncture-Proof

You will no longer puncture with nails, crystals and roadsides in a bad condition.

No maintenance

Forget about the maintenance and checking the inflation pressure. Just ride and enjoy!


Lighter than most of the combinations available tire + inner tube + rim tape. Furthermore, forget about the replacement parts, tools, pump… Get the stress away from you!

6.000 Km Guaranteed

6.000 Km guaranteed with an excellent performance, although you can ride many more Km.

Maximum confiance

The worldwide patented Pins® System provides a perfect rim anchor, making it impossible to rim-off.

The worldwide patented Aither® compound provides excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.

Tannus armour

Anti-puncture semi-mousse that is inserted between the inner tube and the tire of your MTB or Gravel bike.

Puncture Protection

Armour eliminates 90% of the punctures thanks to its reinforced sidewall and underside protection.

Better Grip

It allows rolling at lower pressures for a better grip in both wet conditions and rocky areas.

Increased Comfort

The Armour absorbs vibrations for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Ride flat Technology

In airless conditions, rolling is still possible for a limited period of time at up to 10 km/h, without damaging the rim.

Easy installation

Installing the Armour is as fast and easy as installing the tire and inner tube. It doesn’t require maintenance.

Tannus Armour Tubeless

Tannus Armour Tubeless

Rim protector mousse for Tubeless tires.

Unique design

Our design incorporates flexible wings, adding cornering stability and increased performance.

Greater shock absorption

Thanks to its 20mm of protection and its unique design, it absorbs up to 50% more impacts and vibrations from the ground.

Does not absorb the sealant liquid

Our patented Aither material does not absorb the liquid, keeping the insert light throughout its life.

Ride flat Technology

Our technology allows rolling without damaging the rim in the event of a puncture.

Simple installation

Simple installation in just 5 minutes.

Tannus Armour Tubeless