A GENUINE REVOLUTION. Tannus puncture-proof tires are made of a globally patented material called Aither. This material, made from olefin polymers and copolymers, contains around 1,000,000,000 (one billion) micro "bubbles" of closed air per tire, representing a true revolution in bicycle tires.

In 2015, we launched the evolution of the compound, Aither 1.1, with Tannus Tires, achieving performance comparable to traditional air chamber tires but with greater benefits. Since 2021, all Tannus products are manufactured with the Aither 1.1 Evo compound, and the result is spectacular! Can you imagine what the future will be like with the Aither 2.0 version?


Solid and very lightweight

The Tannus Tires are solid, airless tires. Thanks to their micro "bubbles," they adapt to the terrain and absorb ground vibrations like any air-filled tire.

The manipulation of the pressure in these microcells of closed air in our tires is what allows us to define the pressures: Regular or Hard.

Excellent grip

It is one of the aspects that professionals highlight the most. The Tannus tires guarantee good grip on the asphalt both in dry and wet conditions.

Great durability

We guarantee more than 6,000km at full performance, but the lifespan of Tannus Tires can easily exceed 10,000km.

Did you know they have crossed all of Europe? From Spain to Russia or from Mexico to the southern tip of Ushuaia.

Practically indestructible

It does not suffer degradation over time.

It does not suffer from cold contraction, heat expansion or is affected by UV rays.

It can operate in a very wide range of temperatures: from -20º to 60º. This is crucial since many tire blowouts are caused by high asphalt temperatures. Suffering a blowout while in motion jeopardizes our safety and that of others; with Tannus, we avoid this problem.

The safest tires on the planet

Our tires feature a globally patented Pins® rim anchoring system that provides great security and ensures optimal performance.

A tire has 40 anchoring points through PINs, providing stability, security, and rigidity. These PINs attach the Tannus to the rim, making it impossible to debead, especially when combined with the tire's own pressure.

Even if you're traveling at high speed and a nail punctures or a flat tire occurs, you won't lose stability, and with Tannus, you can keep going without any concern.

A wide variety of colors

We have a wide variety of 12 different colors that will make your bike unique and look new after mounting the Tannus.

Unlike other tires, Tannus retains the same color from the beginning to the end of its lifespan.