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Bicing Barcelona eliminates punctures on its urban bicycles

Bicing Barcelona with tannus tires

Bicing, Barcelona's bike sharing system, has mounted Tannus Tires and has eliminated more than 35,000 punctures per year. With Tannus, the commitment to the care and protection of the environment goes further thanks to the bike sharing programs implemented in Barcelona in which Tannus actively collaborates. Only [...]

Tannus and Scoot, shared electric mobility in Barcelona

Tannus and Scoot, shared electric mobility in Barcelona Renting a bike without fear of a flat tire is possible! INTRODUCTION In mid-2018, Tannus and Scoot cross their paths with the aim of offering the best experience to the cyclist, in this case, the bike sharing service. Thanks to the friends of TradeBike, specialized media of the [...]

Tannus and the Gyrocycle

Tannus Tires and Girocleta join forces! Tannus anti-puncture tires are used for Girona's public bicycle service. INTRODUCTION La Girocleta, Girona's public bicycle service, has celebrated this week 10 years since its opening. The number of stations has been increasing year after year until reaching a total of [...]

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