The New Normal is Don't Prick.

Tannus 100% puncture-proof tires, more necessary than ever!

The New Normal is No Prickingis the message he is sending Tannus together with the movement #MUEVETEENBICI.

Thanks to the performance of Tannus tires, they make cycling more comfortable and much safer.

Not one more puncture!

Covers Tannus guarantee you to go from point A to B without having to worry about the annoying puncture. We are at the peak of the bike and you will want yours to always be up to date and 100% operational. Plus, you can forget about inflation maintenance because the Tannus is airless. 

With Tannus, it's that simple! Remove and keep pedaling.

We don't need to tell you the benefits of NOT CLICKING, do we?

There are a thousand stories behind a puncture but these are not usually the good ones!

  • Being late for work or an appointment...
  • Being stranded more than 50 km from home...
  • A puncture as soon as you leave home and leave you without your afternoon or morning of cycling...

It's time to put these situations behind us and start writing new and better stories.

Benefits for you and the environment Did you know?

Tannus from the beginning has had a sustainable & Eco Friendly vision on the table, that's why it is important to remember that by using a Tannus you are collaborating to a greener world.

Savings in tire and inner tube waste.

«Using 1 Tannus tire is the equivalent of using 3 traditional tires and 8 inner tubes.»

More efficient production process and less harmful materials.

In the production process of Tannus tires, more energy is saved than in the process of traditional tires. There is no need for textiles, filaments, steels, metals, as well as the production of valves, rim tape, sealant.

100% Recyclable

The Tannus material is 100% recyclable and one of its applications is as a safety material to cushion falls on the pavement in recreational parks.

You can find more information in our blog entry .

And... Can I ride Tannus on my bike? Sure you can!

There is a Tannus for every bike. From road bikes, to urban bikes & e-Bikes and not forgetting the smallest and most convenient, folding bikes & Brompton.

You can use them to train and exercise or to ride and commute to work. If you are one of those with an adventurous spirit, you can use them to make a fun bike route, we remind you that the Tannus have a warranty of more than 6,000 km.

Choose your model and wait no longer!

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