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The CycloTravelers Matyas Amaya (@Matyamayaporelmundo) and Ferran Catalán (@pedaleamundo) tell us what it's like to travel with Tannus.



Last August 22nd we told you who Matyas Amaya was, today we bring you the final stretch of his goal (World Cup Russia 2018) and we will introduce you to Ferran Catalán, another Cicloviajero who has told us about his experience with Tannus, all accompanied by an excellent photographic report.

Undoubtedly, a great test of durability and pushing the limits of Tannus' Aither compound.

Matyas Amaya


If you don't know him yet, you can visit our last entry where we summarize in a few lines who Matyas Amaya is and the reason for his trip.
After his stay in NetherlandsMaty, Maty, does not stop his European journey.

In recent months, he has traveled through most of the Italy and the finish line is getting "closer". In one of his posts, he shared with his followers the feelings he had had and what things surprised them. Matyas tells us what it is like to change from traditional tires to Tannus tires and compares it to changing shoes when they are new, you have to give them time to get used to you.

Gradually he starts to feel better with the Tannus, and focuses on enjoying the ride and not being aware of the road conditions and any objects that might damage the tires.
With more than 5.000Km traveled, he had to replace the Tannus rear tire for a much thicker one, similar to that of a motorcycle, due to the weight he carries on the rear, the behavior of the tire is affected and loses performance, that is why this final stretch will only use Tannus on the front. Let's remember that the bike alone weighs about 80 Kg and Maty "He carries the whole house on him." about 150 Kg in total. However, Matyas believes it is an ideal tire for short and medium distance touring cyclists and for those who want to make a long distance trip without carrying a lot of weight.

To conclude, he tells us about 2 cases in particular where carrying Tannus has been a great help and an insurance policy.

1- Temperature and Tannus

One of the reasons we mentioned that it was a great test and put to the limit is because of the following case.
Matyas is without a doubt a Cyclocrosser who is not afraid of anything. While riding down the Etna Volcano, at an altitude of over 2000 meters on a road steeper than 10%, Matyas' wheels reached such a high temperature that one of the wheels exploded. As he tells us, he could have suffered a serious fall had it not been for the front wheel, but the Tannus tire was not damaged.

2 - The mountain and Tannus

A less extreme case, but it's these little details that one tells when returning from an outing and that remain etched in the retina. Of a group of friends with whom he shared an outing in the mountains, Matyas was the only one not to get a flat tire and without having to stop to calibrate the wheels.

"Final stretch"

matyas amaya km

With only a couple of covers Tannushas covered a large part of Europe and about 8,000 km through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austriathrough the Dolomites up to Italy. In this section, one of the decks will remain as a souvenir and the other one will reach up to Russiathrough Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

A great adventure!

matyas amaya rueda tannus

Ferran Catalan


Ferran contacted us in November, when he heard about our covers. This very nice Cicloviajero surprised us with the magnificent photographs and experiences that he shares in his social networks (@pedaleamundo).

In this case, the model used was the Tannus Shield 700×32 Sahara.




He began his journey in BrazilSince December 6, 2017 until February 25, 2018, Ferran has traveled to the following countries in South America, as follows Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina y Chile. A distance of approximately 4,200 km, with many kilograms on their backs.

ferran catalan instagram (1) ferran catalan instagram (2) ferran catalan instagram (3)

After his trip through AfricaFerran arrived at São Paulofrom where he traveled the coast of Brazil to Rio de JaneiroThe company's employees, with a certain feeling of insecurity: they did not know the roads, how they would be received or which would be the safest places to sleep (account on his blog).


The terrain Ferran had to cross was arguably "tougher" than the terrain Matyas had to traverse. Many stretches are unpaved or in bad conditions that make the journey difficult. Despite this, with the help of our distributor at Brazilwe were able to deliver the model Shield 700×32which behaved quite well in these conditions. 
His feelings with the Tannus have been similar to those of any new user, at first the feeling is different but as you travel a few kilometers they adapt and as he tells us they feel like traditional tires, but adding the tranquility of not getting a flat tire.

Your next stop, ParaguayHe was very well received and did not need to set up a tent, and was even able to meet a cycling club in Katueté. With whom he was able to share some outings and even give him cycling equipment as a gift.


pedaleamundo paraguay

Once you have traveled Paraguaycrossed all Argentina to reach "the end of the world" with his bicycle, Ushuaiawith a view to Chile.        


Reached Chile, sent us the photographic material together with the feedback of his trip using Tannus.

What remarks did you send us:

  • Keep the tool, if you are going on a long trip, it is advisable to have it at hand.
  • Avoid very muddy roads, the wheel does not adhere well to this type of terrain.
  • They perform well on asphalt, dry dirt roads and in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 50°C.
  • They support a load of approximately 140 kg.
  • The average speed decreases by about 1km/h.
  • You do not have to worry at any time about tire pressure or possible punctures.
  • The impossibility of puncturing has allowed me to access areas with terrains that are conducive to puncturing, offering me more freedom.
  • I have lightened the weight by dispensing with spare tires, spare tubes, inflation pump and patches to fix punctures.
  • I suppose that harder and wider tires like the Shield 700×40 would allow me to improve in some points.

From Tannus we want to thank both Matyas and Ferran for this great test and for letting us know how is the lifestyle of a Cicloviajero.

pedaleamundo matyas amaya cyclotravelers

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