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Tested to be puncture proof against nails, glass, and other road debris. Never worry about repairing a flat again!


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Forget about maintenance and checking tire pressure. Just get out and enjoy your ride!


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Lighter than most tire and inner tube combinations, and no need to carry spare tubes, tools, or an inflator. Take the weight off your ride!


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6,000 km guaranteed with optimal performance, although you can drive many more km


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Worldwide patented Pins® system that provides a perfect anchoring to the rim making its detaching impossible.

The Aither® compound provides excellent grip both in dry and wet conditions.


Tannus Tires Eco Friendly

Minimize the impact of waste on the environment with Tannus tires. Thanks to their lifespan, the number of waste generated by this activity is reduced compared to the traditional system (tubes, tires, heavy materials).


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If you like going downhill, it makes cycling more fun, with better grip. You know you won't get a flat tire, so you can just focus on enjoying it.

Anna Trullols / Tannus Rider

If you want to have the #tannusattitude, you must know that you want to improve, that you want to complete all your training sessions, and that you are a fighter! I train with Tannus!

Miquel Blanchart / Tannus Rider

I started using Tannus, and flat tires became a thing of the past. I stopped carrying spare parts, and, above all, I knew I could go on the ride I wanted to without any issues.

Alberto Carrión / Ironman

Last year, I had the opportunity to try TANNUS slicks, and honestly, they surprised me in many ways. I liked them so much that I even used them for competition.

Robert Mayoral / Triathlete

Since we switched to Tannus Tires puncture-proof wheels, we've forgotten about maintenance because we are certain we won't get flat tires. We would choose Tannus Tires again for trips in Europe.

Eva and Sergio /Travelling and Roll

As soon as I saw them advertised on the internet, I said to myself, "I want these solid tires!" And the best part is, you forget about getting flat tires for thousands of kilometers. In my case, I use the Hard model in red, and whether it's dry or wet, it performs great without giving you any scares.

Dani Pineda / Triathlete