PROJECT KARABAN: Getting Closer to Kibera Every Day

Some time ago, we shared with you the inspiring story of Elena and David, the hearts behind Karaban, and their charitable project. At Tannus, we joined their cause, contributing our small part. Last summer, the brave adventurers of Karaban embarked on a unique journey: a charitable bike ride from Andorra to Kenya, pedaling over 10,000 km in support of the non-profit organization "Kings and Queens of Kibera." This organization works tirelessly to provide a better future for the children of Kibera, suburbs of Nairobi, an area affected by extreme poverty.

Kings and Queens of Kibera, ONG a la que apoya el proyecto Karaban con ayuda de Tannus

Karaban: "If you walk alone, you will go fast. If you walk together, you will go further"

This is the motto they proudly carry and the philosophy they embraced for their charitable journey. In this expedition, they aimed not only to cover the 10,000 km that separate Andorra from Kenya but also to raise funds to help the little ones in Kibera. The funds collected will be used to provide them with a home to live in community, balanced nutrition, healthcare assistance, and to offer them a worthy education. In essence, the Karaban project strives to provide a better future for the children of Kibera.

The uniqueness of Karaban lies in their choice to travel in a caravan of bicycles, not only to make the journey a sustainable experience but also to convey a message of environmental awareness by using a mode of transportation that leaves no footprint.

Proyecto Karaban cuenta con el apoyo de Tannus

A Unique Journey

David and Elena started their journey in late September 2023, from Andorra, reaching Nice in their first stage. From there, they traveled through northern Italy to Venice, crossed into Slovenia and Croatia, hugging its coasts, concluding the third stage in Dubrovnik. From there, the fourth stage headed towards Corfu, crossing Montenegro and Albania. They faced inhospitable landscapes, cold nights, rain, and even snow, but they also encountered wonderful people on the route; people who opened their homes and shared unforgettable moments with them. 

Throughout this and the previous stages, individuals such as Marc, Lara, Júlia, Viki, or Nico Mallol, the co-founder of the NGO, joined the caravan. Each of them accompanied Elena and David in different sections. This is how, with every pedal stroke, the Karaban project is shaping up as an extraordinary story, full of challenges but also unique corners and memorable moments. A clear example is the distinct Christmas that Elena and David spent, amidst the cold and landscapes of Montenegro. 

David y Elena usando Tannus Tires en la ruta programada por el proyecto Karaban

Pedaling Safely Thanks to Tannus

It will be in the fifth stage, already in Athens, where the Karaban project team will change their wheels, after more than 5000 km traveled. Both Elena and David chose to use our Tannus Tires Shield, 100% puncture-proof tires ideal for cycle travelers. This is how they have managed to travel comfortably and confidently, knowing that their journey won't be disrupted by an unexpected flat tire. They also won't have to stop for wheel maintenance during the route.

La travesía de Karaban, ahora cada vez más cerca de África, es una historia de determinación, solidaridad y amor por una buena causa: ayudar a los niños de Kibera. A medida que pedalean hacia su destino, van dejando huella, recordándonos que juntos podemos llegar más lejos. Desde Tannus, les deseamos lo mejor.

And you, do you also want to forget about the maintenance of your wheels like Elena and David did? Visit our products!

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