Mecánico de bicis montando el doble insert Tannus Tubeless Fusion al neumático

Every rider has specific needs according to their discipline. It's not the same to protect your bike for a long gravel route as it is for a fast urban DH descent or for an enduro race with your e-bike. That's why at Tannus we present the Tannus Tubeless, the most advanced tubeless puncture protection on the market, with the world's first modular insert. Customizable protection that adapts to you with its adjustable design. The balance between rim protection, lightness, and comfort. But what is a modular insert? What new features and benefits does it offer? What is the Tannus Tubeless system?

The latest in puncture protection: Tannus Tubeless Fusion, the world's first modular insert. For maximum lightness or extra protection, the new Tannus Tubeless foam models: Lite, PRO, and Fusion. Discover them in detail!


The Tannus Tubeless system is designed to meet the needs of all riders: from maximum protection for freeriders and the most demanding DH circuits, to maximum lightness for gravel and XC.

Tannus Tubeless inserts protect your rim and, with their ribbed design, increase effectiveness against punctures. Additionally, they do not absorb sealant and allow the liquid to flow through the foam without becoming stagnant. This not only increases puncture protection but also maintains the insert's lightness, enhancing performance.

  • Protect your RIM from impacts and punctures and absorb terrain vibrations.
  • Improve your PERFORMANCE. Thanks to its ribbed design, rolling resistance is reduced by 3%.*
  • Improves TRACTION in corners thanks to its sidewall support.
  • Does NOT absorb sealant liquid thanks to its Aither material, maintaining the insert's lightness and eliminating future maintenance.
  • RIDE FLAT Tech: Allows you to ride at (10 km/h) protecting the rim even in case of a puncture.
  • MODULAR Design: For a perfect balance between rim protection, lightness, and comfort in any situation and discipline.

*Validated in laboratory tests and by our professional team


The Tannus Tubeless PRO leaves double space in the air chamber, allowing a second extra insert to be fitted inside. This smaller insert is the Tannus Tubeless Lite, which can function on its own or be coupled with the Tannus Tubeless PRO to create the Tubeless Fusion. Thus, the Fusion is the combination of the PRO and Lite, a double insert for maximum protection against strong impacts and more extreme challenges.

Thus, Tannus offers 3 solutions with "only 2 inserts", which combined create a third one for greater protection. The Tannus Tubeless system allows you to adapt your bike's protection according to your riding style and needs:

  • Tannus Tubeless LITE: ultra-lightweight insert with the minimum protection required for gravel and XC.
  • Tannus Tubeless PROMaximum performance: lightness and perfect protection for DH and Enduro.
  • Tannus Tubeless FUSIONdouble maximum protection for strong impacts, rocky descents, ideal for E-bikes and the most extreme challenges.

TANNUS TUBELESS PRO: total performance and balance

The Tannus Tubeless PRO is the perfect combination of rim protection, puncture resistance, and performance enhancement. Weighing 140g and providing 20mm of protection, it's perfect for urban DH or MTB riders and enduro enthusiasts. It's the evolution of Tannus' classic red Tubeless insert, which has already conquered numerous podiums and titles in top-level UCI competitions. Now it can be combined with the LITE for added protection. Forget about flats and punctures!

PRO DH riders like Juanfer Vélez and Sebastián Holguín achieve podium finishes in the world's most prominent DH events, such as the recent Red Bull Hardline or in the UCI WC, with the Tannus Tubeless Pro. Read the article and discover all the details of Tannus' best insert for enduro and DH.

TANNUS TUBELESS LITE: lightweight and versatile insert

The Tannus Tubeless Lite is the lightest insert on the market, ideal for riders looking to protect their rims with the least weight possible. Weighing only 45-50g, it offers 10mm of protection, just enough for gravel, cyclocross, and Marathon disciplines, while also helping to maximize performance. It provides a smooth and natural riding feel like that of an air-filled tire.

Recommended by Tessa Kortekaas especially for technical circuits, one of the most outstanding riders of the season after being crowned champion of the Titan Desert 2024 and stepping onto the podium in almost every competition she participates in. Discover all the advantages of the ideal insert for gravel and XC by Tannus!

TANNUS TUBELESS FUSION: insert de máxima protección

The Tannus Tubelss Fusion offers maximum protection to riders facing the most extreme challenges. The combination of the PRO and the LITE results in an insert with 30mm of protection weighing only 190 grams. It's ideal for withstanding the increased weight of e-bikes, as well as the demands of rocky descents and strong impacts, making it perfect for freeriders and trials. Challenge the most extreme terrain with your bike using Tannus' new maximum protection insert.

Bienvenido Aguado is one of the world's top freeriders. Holder of several world records and awarded at the most important freeride events worldwide, he trusts in Tannus Tubeless Fusion, key to protecting his rims during his acrobatic jumps. Discover the best protection with Tannus' insert for e-bikes and extreme protection.


Tannus, leaders in puncture protection, proves once again to offer the best solutions for cyclists with the new Tannus Tubeless system, unique in the world.

All models of Tannus Tubeless now available on our website! You can get the LITE from €29.95, the PRO from €49.90, and the FUSION from €69.90. Get them and gear up like a pro. Conquer any challenge with Tannus Tubeless!

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