TANNUS TUBELESS PRO: all about the new Tannus insert

We already had one of the best tubeless options on the market, but we've improved it even further! After 3 years of extensive testing and, above all, listening to the feedback from our entire community, we have redesigned one of our flagship products. Why? To provide you with an unparalleled experience. Introducing the upgraded Tannus Tubeless PRO, an even lighter and more durable insert with unique attributes, capable of withstanding the most challenging terrains.

TANNUS TUBELESS PRO: Exclusive Design and Enhanced Performance

One of the standout features of the Tannus Tubeless PRO update is its exclusive design with side wings. These wings provide increased stability in turns, allowing you to enter them with confidence and enhancing performance on every ride. In this regard, the new design allows, due to its shape, the creation of a double air chamber inside the wheel. In practice, the riding sensation is equivalent to air-filled tires. This is not the case, for example, with other solid inserts available in the market, which eliminate all sensation, resulting in a rougher and less comfortable ride.

Another key point regarding the design is that it reduces rolling resistance by 3%, providing even more greater speed and efficiency..

Features of the new Tannus Tubeless PRO, which is lighter and offers higher performance.

Superior protection with the new Tannus inserts

We've updated some of its features to provide you with an even better experience, but in the Tannus Tubeless PRO, we've also managed to maintain the attributes that made us unique. So, the protection our insert offers remains its greatest virtue. With it, you can forget about rim hits, impacts, and shocks, even when lowering tire pressure for better traction. Like the previous model, the new Tubeless PROs have been crafted with Aither 1.1, a lightweight, flexible, and durable compound. However, we've added two new features:

  1. 20% of the material used is recycled.
  2. By changing the design, making the side wings thicker and the top part thinner, we have successfully redistributed the air more effectively. With this design, we enhance protection against rim hits, provide better cushioning, and reduce vibrations on rough and uneven terrains.

As you can see, the Tannus Tubeless PRO has been perfected to deliver exceptional performance on any terrain and keep your rims safe.

Some of our riders, like Álex Marín, have already tested it. You can watch it here!

In the event of a puncture?

The newTubeless PRO also manages to provide greater peace of mind in that regard. In the event of a puncture during your ride, it will allow you to keep riding at 10km/h so that you can return home without issues. This technology is known as run flat.

It is also compatible with all types of valves and sealants available on the market, with the additional advantage of not absorbing this liquid. In this regard, it ensures the lightweight nature of the insert throughout its lifespan, facilitates maintenance, and, above all, allows the sealant to continue moving inside the wheel to seal punctures when you need it most.

"It's super lightweight, so you don't notice that extra weight on the tires, but with the advantage of being able to run with lower pressure for more grip without losing pressure in the tire. Plus, one of the most important things is how it protects the rims and even the ability to keep rolling if you get a flat tire."

Ángel Suárez, PRO International Rider

Different styles; same safety

The Tannus PRO insert is suitable for any MTB discipline, such as Trail, Enduro, or DH, among others. With its 20mm thickness, it provides both protection and superior performance in every adventure. Currently available in sizes 29” and 27.5”.

As upcoming innovations, at Tannus, we will launch the new LITE insert - specially designed for gravel - which, combined with the PRO, will become the world's first modular insert, creating the FUSION for riders seeking the most extreme experiences. Sounds interesting, right? Stay tuned because we will tell you more very soon!

For now, you can get the Tannus TUBELESS PRO starting from €49.90/unit.

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