Tips for tubelizing your bike with Tannus

The trend towards going tubeless in cycling has been increasing, and more and more cyclists are embracing the advantages of this technology. If you are also considering making the leap and joining in, this article is for you.

Tubeless your bicycle: What does it mean?

Tubelessizing your MTB means saying goodbye to inner tubes. This fact brings significant advantages, among which we can highlight comfort and improved performance, but also greater peace of mind. In addition to being able to ride with low pressures, you will forget about pinches and punctures. 

Certainly. If you want to go tubeless and also protect your rim from impacts and hits, our recommendation is that, when tubelessizing your bike, you use our new inserts, such as the TUBELESS PRO. Thanks to its 20mm thickness, you will keep your wheels protected while riding at low pressures.

Rider probando nuevo tubeless pro.

Switch to tubeless with these simple steps

  1. Dismount and clean

Remove your tires and take out the inner tube. Then, thoroughly clean the inside of the rim. You can use a clean cloth and alcohol to ensure that the surface is completely clean.

Tip. It is not necessary to completely remove the tire from the rim. You can leave one side on it, but make sure it is thoroughly clean before proceeding with the rest of the steps.

  1. Prepare the rim tape

First, place double-sided tape. Then, put the rim tape on top, making two turns with the tape. Make sure that the rim tape properly covers the spoke holes, and tighten the tape well to ensure a perfect seal.

  1. Place your insert

Place the first bead of your Tubeless insert on the rim and make sure to align it with the valve hole. Then, place the second bead, again ensuring that your insert is correctly aligned. Next, insert the second side of the tire and finish fully accommodating it to your rim. 

Tannus tubeless pro montaje
  1. Apply sealant liquid

Here you can proceed in two ways:

  • After fitting it with your hands, you can inflate the tire so that the sides settle correctly, without applying the liquid initially. Then, deflate it again and now, add the sealant through the valve stem, which is the detachable part of the valve. To make it even easier, you can use a syringe. Once you have finished pouring the liquid, close the valve, inflate the tire to the desired pressure, and spin it to spread the sealant throughout the inside of the tire.
  • If you cannot remove this detachable part of the valve, you can mount ⅔ of the tire bead on the rim and, once mounted, add the sealant through the tire hole, following the recommended amount. If this is the method you use, remember to keep the non-mounted section of the wheel at the top so that the sealant flows through the mounted part. Once ready, finish mounting the remaining part of the bead and inflate the tire. Introduce a generous amount of air until the tire beads completely. Finally, spin the wheel. This way, the liquid will spread across its entire surface. 

Once ready, all that's left is to adjust the pressure to your liking—or follow the manufacturer's recommendation. And there you have it, tubeless wheels! This way, you can ride with a lower pressure than you used to with inner tubes.

Still not clear? Don't worry if you are more of a visual learner: you can watch our video!

And off to ride!

Following our steps, you'll be able to start rolling smoothly. But remember! Although tubeless has many advantages, it is not maintenance-free. That means you have to keep checking your tire pressure, and from time to time, you'll need to change the sealant. The good news is that with Tannus, unlike other inserts, your protector will not absorb the sealant, keeping it always fresh to seal punctures.

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